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President - Nate McConnell

Vice President - Jeff Morris

Secretary - Courtney Butts
Courtney got started in the swine industry by default when she married Jayson. Together with the help of Jayson’s father Alan they run a 50 sow operation selling Durocs and Crossbred show pigs to kids throughout the country. She has only been apart of the WSPA for two years, but has loved every minute of it! Courtney is looking forward to serving the association and continuing to improve the experience for all members.

Treasurer - Randy Wileman
Randy and his wife Mary live in Harmony Township near Milton, WI. Randy grew up on a family farm near Edgerton. This is where his daughter Caitlyn and nieces work together on their show pig projects each year. He is an electrical contracting project manager for Westphal & Co., Inc., where he has been employed for 26 years.
There is no better way to spend quality time with your kids than with animal projects and the WSPA gives youth a great opportunity to meet, make new friends, learn from others and make lifelong connections throughout the state.

Director at Large- Cindy London
Cindy London, along with her husband, Todd, and their children, Lindsi and Tanner, became involved in the show pig industry in 2006. Her children started by showing at the local fairs but quickly became involved in the WSPA in the organization’s early years. The London’s have made many lifelong friends and met many breeders throughout the state due to their membership in the WSPA. Cindy loves watching how the youth (and the pigs) mature from the beginning of the show season to the end. She also enjoys welcoming new families into the organization. Cindy is looking forward to working with other board members, parents, and youth in making the upcoming show season one of the best yet!


Director at Large - Kayla Klitzman
Kayla is currently a senior at UW-Platteville. She grew up showing swine since 2000 and has shown on the WSPA circuit, county fair, state fair, and nationally. Kayla has been a member of the WSPA for the last 4 years. She is looking forward to helping incorporate more ideas to help the youth and association grow.




President - Caitlyn Wileman
Caitlyn is currently 19 years old and a sophomore at UW-Platteville studying Animal Science an Agricultural Business. She has been a WSPA member for 5 years and has exhibited at many local, state and national shows. Caitlyn is involved in many clubs on campus at UW-Platteville including Agricultural Business Club, Block and Bridle, Collegiate Farm Bureau and Sigma Alpha (Professional Women in Agricultural Sorority). She enjoys promoting agriculture and the swine industry to the public. Caitlyn looks forward to being the 2018 President and have the opportunity to teach younger kids about raising livestock.


Vice President - Carly Myhre
Carly is currently a Freshman at UW-Rock County.  She has been showing pigs for 6 years and has been in the Wisconsin Show Pig Association for 5 years. Showing pigs has given her amazing opportunities to meet new people and learn new things.  By showing pigs it has helped shape her into the individual that she is today.  One of Carly's favorite things about the WSPA is that she has had the chance to meet mew friends that have the same interest in pigs that she does. The reason she wanted to be on the youth board was to help the younger members and to teach them and others more about the swine industry.

Secretary - Alexis Odermann
My name is Alexis Odermann. I’m 18 years old and I’m a senior at Slinger High School.  I’ve been a member of WSPA for 3 years and have loved every minute of it! I’ve been involved in 4-H and FFA for multiple years and I’ve really enjoyed mentoring the younger youth. My family and I in recent years have grown to love Berkshires and now breed and show them on the local, state, and national level. I’ve enjoyed raising and showing pigs for the last 8 years and it's become a great passion of mine. I hope by being on the board I can spread my passion for swine to others as well as bring new ideas to help further our organization.

Social Media/Youth Board Member - Tyler Cross

Youth Board Member - Ainsley Blafanz
Ainsley is currently in 8th grade and has enjoyed showing pigs for the past four years at WSPA shows, county fair, state fair and national shows. She has enjoyed the friendships made through the WSPA and this inspired her to become a WSPA Junior board member. She is looking forward to this opportunity to be involved in the swine industry and spend time with other WSPA members.

Youth Board Member - Samantha Wileman
My name is Samantha Wileman, I am 17 years old and currently attending Edgerton high school as a senior. I plan to attend UW Rock County in the fall to pursue a career in art education. I have been a WSPA member for 3 years and have been showing pigs for 6 years. I am the treasurer for the Edgerton FFA and the Rock County representative for the Fulton 4-H club. I hope to get the younger members more involved in events and activities. My ultimate goal is to breed show pigs in the future.




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